There seems to be something about human nature in that many of us want as much as we can get for as little effort as possible. However, we only truly appreciate that which we work for. The reality of life is that there are no free lunches.
We can pretty much do what we want with our life and accomplish what we desire providing we are willing to adequately prepare ourselves for what we want to do and work hard enough to achieve it. As Solomon put it, “The sluggard craves and gets nothing, but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.”

It is hard work and commitment that brings rewards and helps supply basic needs. Hard work is never wasted but laziness can ruin you and make you poor. Lazy people continuously make excuses and should be encouraged to work. They should not be allowed to be freeloaders.

Responsible people admit their wrongs, are faithful about their decisions and know their abilities and limitations. They take responsibility for their own actions.
Set your mind and strive to become a responsible hard working person who diligently does all that is worthy, honorable, just and fair knowing that you will be rewarded according to what you put into what you do.

Question…Do you have a wishbone or a backbone?